Friday, January 16, 2015

Please Don't Bother Me On January 28, I'll Be Spending the Night With Mark Steyn

Sorry. WHOOPSIE!!!

Ha ha how silly of me....

That was really just a totally candid admission of fantasy for the whole internet to see an unfortunate typo, because when I say "don't bother me because I'm spending the night with Mark Steyn at the end of the month" what I actually meant was I'm going to listen to Mark Steyn live, in Toronto on Wednesday, January 28th, at Chapters Indigo at Bloor and Bay. 

(It was probably my copy editor, or research assistant...oh wait-I don't have either...)


Of course it's being billed as a "conversation" between Heather Reisman and Steyn, but we all know that "conversation" is just secret code for "ENTIRE EVENING of incredibly engaging, funny, doom-speaking, strangely deliciously apocalyptic, side-splitting, laugh till you almost keel over and die alternating with crying and sucking your thumb in a fetal position because we all are all most likely totally doomed".

Therefore: If you like Mark Steyn in print or on the telly, then in the words of an a pot-headed hippy band well-known commentator on political affairs well-you ain't seen nothing yet.

(Umm, HELLO?!?!? Anyone noticing the resemblance here?!?!? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT??? Did Mark Steyn actually have a music career previously? I think all this 'oh I just record American songbook songs to get away from the 24/7 jihad and doom and gloom is just a RUSE, it's a RUSE I tell ya!! He's holding out on us!! AIYEEEEE!!!!!!!)

Anyway, as I was saying....

It's a great time.

Kathy Draidlebaum says it's kind of like a religious revival-and all I gotta say is: TRU DAT!!!

So, now I leave you with those three little words that all infidels and especially SteynFrau world-wide want to say...(OK, fine I'll admit that it would be even better to hear Mark Steyn utter those three little words but whatevs....)


PS: I can also guarantee that Steyns' duds will be slightly more spiffy than when he was headlining for BTO. Just sayin....Dude's a sartorial superstar nowadays...Remember, if you gotta be: BESPOKE for heaven's sake.