Monday, January 19, 2015

David Solway: Watching The World Fall Apart

What a fabulous writer-such depth, and such clarity.

Read the whole thing and weep. 

"Denial of the palpable is the concessive stage that precedes and heralds the dissolution of a culture, a nation, a people. I suspect we are on the verge of such a collapse. Europe is well on the road to cultural euthanasia. The rest of the west is treading in its footsteps, eventually to become Sweden or France or the UK."

"Indeed, it is hard to watch a world falling apart, whether in two days or two decades."

"To insist that our world is whole and healthy, that our enemies mean us no harm if we would only redress their “legitimate” grievances, that we can save the world by turning to alternative forms of energy despite the exorbitant costs and their obvious inadequacy, that unrestricted immigration from Muslim countries enriches out lives, that gender is merely a social construct and that human nature is infinitely malleable, that big government is the solution and not the problem, and that tolerance is a higher virtue than justice — all these beliefs, all these scenarios constructed by governments, corporate interests, the mass media and the liberal intelligentsia that have come to dominate the cultural sensibility of the west are forms of denial of what is actually the case, and indicators of an approaching cataclysm."