Sunday, January 18, 2015

Europe Is Too Dangerous For Jews

As I always say, what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. 

There are other Jewish voices who agree with me. 

The brilliant and articulate Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of Great Britain also says that Jews there are scared to send their children to school and to go to shops. 

I would say shame on Britain, but it doesn't appear that anyone in the leadership cadre of Britain has any shame.

Did you see this?

British MP Tweets that Netanyahu in Paris makes him sick. 

Yet, even Rabbi Sacks is paying lip service to Muslim sensitivities, which I find unsettling.

"Lord Sacks defended the work of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and indicated he disagreed with Pope Francis, who said whose who mock religions could “expect to get a punch”"

“It was profoundly offensive and I’m afraid that’s the price of a free society. We are free to say things so that my freedom let’s say to be a Jew or to be a Muslim has to be an equal freedom for all and that must mean that people are free to be critical of Jews and Muslims, I think that is the bargain that freedom for any of us means freedom for all of us. "

"Asked if the Pope should “turn the other cheek,” Lord Sacks replied: “That’s a good point! The truth is I think we have to have enough confidence to say that in the long run, freedom for any of us depends on freedom for all of us. That may mean that I have to put up once in a while with something I find very offensive. But I do understand Muslim sensitivities and they are real.”

Actually, that last sentence is a profoundly dangerous and disturbing one. It's a submission of sorts. When you indulge the idea that Muslim 'sensibilities' are 'real' you indulge their behaviour, reward it and it's a kind of apology for them. That's a terribly unfortunate sentiment to add in an otherwise very chilling and clear warning about where Britain is headed.