Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Eurabia Loathes Israel (And Jews)

Nicely stated piece here from Dan Hannan.

"Israel represents the most vivid vindication of the national principle that humanity has witnessed. A people who were stateless for 2,000 nears never lost their aspiration to nationhood: “Next year in Jerusalem.” Then, extraordinarily — providentially, even — they fulfilled it. To a Briton or an American, it’s a heartening story. But it strikes at the Euro-integrationist's entire worldview."

"Israel’s story is by no means unblemished; but it is uplifting. It’s a story of how freedom can take root in even the most unpromising conditions. Such a story appeals to optimistic types, but repels the envious, the eternally aggrieved, the gloomsters who see free markets as some kind of racket — the same people, indeed, who tend also to be anti-British and anti-American, whether they be Left Bank intellectuals or Putinite nationalists or Bolivarian revolutionaries."

Hannan is much more charitable than I am toward Europe.

I believe it's a matter of plain, deep-seated Jew hatred. 

The ultimate expression of that Jew-hatred, which is simply a very pure form of evil, death-loving nihilism, has resulted in the complete embrace of Palestinianism and the flooding of Europe with immigrants from non-democratic, Islamic countries.

So the pathological Jew hatred which led to the almost complete destruction of European Jewry, still exists and thrives, and now manifests itself in the European "anti-Israel" frenzy and in practical terms is directly related to the elite-engineered suicide of European culture.

Jew hatred is toxic stuff. 

Anyone who thinks it's "just" about Jews is sadly mistaken.


"Thirteen Years of Revenge"