Friday, January 23, 2015

Today In Eurabian Judenhass and Eurabia Is Doomed...An Ongoing Series

So, as I have said before on many occasions "Never Again" was always bullshit.

I mean it and I'm really pissed again.

It was a trite, silly, wishful thinking phrase, meant to invoke gravitas and perhaps guilt. It's was the "Je Suis Charlie" of its time, the #BringBackOurGirls before the internet and hashtags.

Same lazy idea, same predictable results.

Seventy years after Auschwitz, after the deaths of truly great leaders, nothing has changed. In fact, the memories of the murdered, the memories of the great leaders, the visionaries, the lions, are being actively desecrated every single day by the multiple, craven acts of morally reprehensible "leaders" and the disgusting deference to savage barbarians by states and heads of state and by pathetically trying to turn friends into enemies but merely turning enemies into friends.

We need more of this: Stephen Harper- "if terrorists shoot at our troops, we will kill them", and less of this: 

Jews are still being hunted as we speak, by predators invited into Europe with open arms.

Give us your sick, your tired-your Jew-hunting barbarians, screamed Europe-and the barbarians obliged-thanks for the glorious invitation, kufars, they said.

So much for 'Never Again'.

I can only reiterate the following wise words: I vomit on the cowards, the Jew-haters and the supine masses.