Saturday, January 17, 2015

Actually David Cameron: You Make Me Sick

So, the feckless "conservative" PM of the formerly Great Britain, says that even the idea that Jews feel unsafe in Britain is sickening. 

You know what is sickening? Not extracting antisemitism from the craven, obfuscating jumble of "antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia" etc..

This is the kind of mealy mouthed weasel talk I refer to:

“My policy is simple: zero-tolerance. No exceptions and no excuses. So let me be clear: no disagreements on politics or policy will ever be allowed to justify racism, prejudice or extremism in our society. Over generations we have built something incredible in our country: a multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy – and we are not going to let anti-Semitism destroy it.”

(Too late, I fear...)

Really, Mr. Cameron-Jews don't just "feel" unsafe, they actually are unsafe.

And you, my infidel friends are unsafe in the UK as well.

Doesn't it bother regular Brits that Britain is on 'a beheading alert'? 

That's not really just a Jew, feeling there is a problem.


I mean: have you actually read that sentence out loud?


What allegedly civilized society carries about its daily business in light of everyday BEHEADING ALERTS?!?!

Do you think Winston Churchill would have even tolerated this for one nanosecond?

Or this:

Christian NHS worker fired for praying with/for a Muslim colleague. 

So David Cameron, please spare me your quaint platitudes about your delicate stomach and constitution.

Jews fleeing France to the UK are shortly going to be packing their bags once again, for Israel or Canada or the US, and your cowardice is of course, partly to blame.

Britain, like France and the rest of Europe simply does not deserve Jews.