Friday, January 16, 2015

Today In Eurabian Judenhass...An Ongoing Series

"Thousands of French Jews leave France for Britain"

Not sure that is going to make them much safer.

From there, they will eventually have to go either to America, Canada, Australia or Israel.

These are the only countries that are reasonably safe for Jews in the entire world and of course, all for different reasons (and of varying degrees).

Meanwhile, on the continent-more 'anti-Muslim backlash':

Jewish schools canceled in Belgium due to terror fears. 

Why Jews leaving is a bad sign for any allegedly "civlized" country.

From Jeff Jacoby:

"France's Jews are leaving, and that never bodes well for the society driving them out. The prime minister puts his finger on it: If there is no Jewish future in France, if the antisemitic cancer has metastasized so alarmingly that tens of thousands of French Jews are ready to flee, then France will indeed no longer be France. It will be something darker and more deformed, wrecked by an injury it inflicted on itself."

And this from Caroline Glick, who notes that January 16 is the anniversary of the Ilan Halimi, Z"L murder. 
"January 16 is the nine-year anniversary of the beginning of the Ilan Halimi disaster.
"On January 16, 2006, Sorour Arbabzadeh, the seductress from the Muslim anti-Jewish kidnapping gang led by Youssouf Fofana, entered the cellphone store where Halimi worked and set the honey trap."

"Four days later, Halimi met Arbabzadeh for a drink at a working class bar and agreed to walk her home. She walked him straight into an ambush. Her comrades beat him, bound him and threw him into the trunk of their car."

"They brought Halimi to a slum apartment and tortured him for 24 days and 24 nights before dumping him, handcuffed, naked, stabbed and suffering from third degree burns over two-thirds of his body, at a railway siding in Paris. He died a few hours later in the hospital."

Why the French can f&ck themselves:


"...what Halimi’s murder exposed is that anti-Semitism in France is systemic. Muslims are the main perpetrators of violence. And they operate in social environments that are at a minimum indifferent to Jewish suffering and victimization. This violence and indifference is abetted by non-Islamic elites."

Therefore: French Jews must pack their bags:

"...aliya is the key for contending with the increasing danger that the Jews of France face from the systemic nature of French anti-Semitism. This is true first of all because as France makes it clear that it is not a safe home for its Jews, Israel is a better option. Israel exists so that Jews always will have a better option than suffering at the hands of hostile non-Jews.