Monday, January 26, 2015

Today in Eurabian Judenhass

Way to go, France.

France most dangerous country for Jews in 2015. 

Even more dangerous than Sweden if you can imagine. 

Meanwhile the Official Jews continue to get it wrong.

Meanwhile, back in Paris...Nothing to see here.

We need Jews WITH guns, a strong army and a strong Israel.

More Jews telling our dangerous enemies to piss off.

Eurabia is doomed.

Daniel Pipes suggest that the Eurabian "No Go Zones" (which have unfortunately become the butt of the leftist see-no-evil media) be renamed "semi-autonomous sectors", which he suggests-will enable an honest discussion of the problem.

I disagree.

If one were to be completely honest about them, they should be called "Sharia Enclaves".

When people try to speak out and demonstrate, they are marginalized and ridiculed and outlawed.

Therefore, the worst is yet to come.

But it's 70 years later, and the Jewish blood has still not dried. 

Nor will it.