Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Steyn: "Free Speech Is For the Stuff After The 'But" (UPDATED)


So, Steyn swung by Michael Coren's show yesterday and they had a little chat about...wait for it...FREE SPEECH! I know, right? So surprising.

(The clip cuts out a bit early for some reason.)

Anyway, do watch this clip where Salman Rushdie talks about people who are supposedly for free speech BUT don't hurt people's feelings, BUT don't offend, and BUT BUT BUT.

I always say 'everything after the but's a lie', but I really like Mark Steyn's line better, and I think it would make a fine t-shirt.

"Free speech is for the stuff after the 'but'". AMEN.

The other thing that pretty much made me spew my coffee out my nose, and YES THANK YOU I KNOW THAT'S NOT DAINTY AND LADY LIKE is the bit about Big Gay Enforcers being like "the easy listening version of re-education camp".

Personally, I call it Re-Education Gulag, but whatever floats your boat, you know what I'm sayin?!?!

And the Oakley spot was also excellent, and I'm delighted that they spent some time on the Ontario sex-ed grooming issue, which is so profoundly evil and sinister.

Will post more stuff as it appears and SEE YOU THERE WHEEEEEEEE! 

More good stuff here, including the Power Play clip. 

And I knew Mark Steyn was connected but not that connected!

I can't be the only one who noticed how sweet it was of the people at the CN  Tower to match the lighting of the tower with Mark's outfit.

That was a really a nice touch. 

Steyn owns this town...