Monday, January 26, 2015

Steyn: Free Speech Must Include the Right to Insult Islam

Some very good free speech musings from Mark Steyn in this post, plus a nice article from Joseph Brean in the National Post and a radio interview with Tarek Fatah (Steyn is at about the 22 minute mark).

The radio interview has some good stuff in it, but it really sounds like Fatah was so excited to talk to Mark (and fess up his hitherto unknown FanGirl status) that he didn't give Steyn much of a chance to speak toward the beginning of the interview-but then he got the groove and there was some very interesting meat on the bones, including a discussion about ISIS and particularly about trust fund babies spending all the freedom capital that was earned by their grandparents (very good concept), and not being aware or even concerned now that they will eventually be overdrawn on that account (fantastic analogy).

The other REALLY important point that flew by pretty quickly is Steyn's identification of the fetishization of the Palestinians as one of the truly insidious movements of our time.

This observation really underlies Steyn's painfully acute philosophical and intellectual and moral barometer on the topic of modern antisemitism. Palestinianism, as was also identified by the late, great Oriana Fallaci is a sinister and lethal, yet socially acceptable expression of Judenaas for our time.

And if you don't get that, or you won't get that, then you just don't get anything at all.