Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holocaust Survivor Salutes American Soldier Who Rescued Him From Concentration Camp

Via Zionist Toboggan Kathy Shaidle.

What a glorious article, I literally got weepy when I read it. 

"Holocaust survivor Joshua Kaufman saluted World War II soldier Daniel Gillespie, who liberated him from a Nazi concentration camp seven decades ago. Joshua Kaufman was enduring the unthinkable at the hands of the Nazi guards at the Dachau death camp before the American soldiers found the facility and rescued the captives. A German documentary crew found the two men and planned the reunion."

"Joshua Kaufman said that everything he has in life is because of Daniel Gillespie. When the Holocaust survivor and the American WWII soldier met on Huntington Beach in California, it was an extremely emotional reunion. The two men, who unknowingly lived just one hour from one another, immediately saluted when they finally met again."

“I love you so much,” Joshua Kaufman, 87, told Daniel Gillespie. Then the Holocaust survivor kissed the hand of the World War II veteran and said, “I have wanted to do this for 70 years. I came out of h**l into the light. For that, and to him, I am eternally grateful.

"Kaufman said he was nothing more than a “walking corpse” when the American soldier, now 89, marched into the Dachau concentration camp near Munich."
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