Friday, January 23, 2015

"My Name is Inigo Montoya, You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die...AND SEE YOU AT MARK STEYN LIVE!"

Laughed out loud that that one!

And I also think "President Tee Time" is excellent.

Steyn on Obama's latest antics: 

"And finally the outrage of the week, speaking of Jews and "no-go zones": Israel's Prime Minister accepted an invitation to address Congress without running it by Obama first!!!!!! Horrors! So now Obama is letting it be known that the White House is one big no-go zone for Netanyahu."

(Of course, he has time for this individual...)

If all goes according to the SEEEEKRIT ZIONIST SOOOPER COMMUNICATIONS that have been spreading around the Interwebzzzzz about the revival live show - errr "conversation", the Steyn event next week could very well be filled with quite a large number of JOOOOOOS.

That's my suspicion anyway. It's gonna be fun!