Monday, January 19, 2015

Newsweek Laments: Geer Wilders Could Become the PM of Holland

The bias is really disgusting in this article.

So much for 'objective' news reporting...

If you look at the title of the article, you get a hint of their opinion of Mr. Wilders. 

Plus there are other not so subtle hints, like:

"No fan of understatement, Wilders wore a shiny black Armani suit and a bright green tie. But it was his trademark platinum-blond pompadour that stood out, a haircut that many in the Netherlands compare to Donald Trump’s rat’s nest. Wilders may look just as cartoonish as The Donald. But unlike Trump, he’s a legitimate force in politics."

Then they pull out an expert, for an expert opinion.

This expert has found the reason why they believe Wilders is so yucky: BECAUSE COLONIALISM.

What would we do without experts and research?


"On some level, Van Leeuwen says, whether Wilders believes it or not, he’s blaming Muslims for what happened to his family and seeking retribution. “He wants to go back to the way the borders were drawn before the war. Before decolonization,” she says, referring to the period before Indonesia claimed its independence and was still a Dutch colony, called the Netherlands-Indies. “He once had serious plans to return parts of Belgium to ‘Greater’ Holland.” He dyes his hair, she thinks, to disguise his Indonesian roots." 

And apparently, "Wilders also owes his success to a nuanced, Tea-Party brand of Islamophobia."

Read the whole thing. I was chuckling when I read it.