Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Auschwitz and Antisemitism Round Up

Hey-guess what? I'm pissed again.

The Jew haters really piss me off and make me sick. And nothing brings them out like the Holocaust.

A few thoughts as we observe the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz:

First-how troubling it is that the leader of the formerly great country known as America, the former superpower, is not commemorating anything to do with the Holocaust, but is instead grovelling and bowing down again in Wahabi Saudi Arabia.  

From the great Douglas Murray: Adolf Eichmann hoped his Arab buddies would continue his battle against the Jews-and that is definitely the plan...

Breaking news: At least one other Jew except for me recognizes who the real "neo-Nazis" are.

Gratitude: Thanking my grandfather's liberator.

President Obama,who runs the first truly antisemitic administration in American history, is doing everything possible to screw up and screw over Israeli PM Netanyahu, including sending 'advisors' to Israel.

And a very interesting clip via  Memri: Clash On Al Jazeera-Egyptian Writer Takes on Antisemitism and Asks Why Arabs Cannot Accept That the Holocaust Happened.

This is a very gutsy fellow.

Note his understanding of free speech. It's interesting because he is trying to make the case for historical facts versus opinion. Personally, I don't believe that Holocaust denial, or any other kind of speech-other than threats, should be criminal.

Acts should be criminally prosecuted, not thoughts.  

In a free society it must never be criminal to hold odious thoughts.

Anyway, do read the whole thing.

"Magdi Khalil: "The European and American courts have agreed that the historical debate among historians should not extend to indisputable historical facts such as the Holocaust, slavery in the U.S., and apartheid in South Africa. No one can say that there was no slavery in the U.S. Not only would this be immortal, but he would go to prison. The blacks would take him to court, because he would be inciting against real people, living today. Protection should be awarded to human beings. [Fighting] antisemitism constitutes defending Jews. The Jewish holocaust is an indisputable and irrefutable fact. The entire world has recognized this, so why can't the Muslims? Why does Islam harbor such terrible religious hatred towards the Jews? Why is it only the Muslims who deny the Holocaust?"