Monday, January 12, 2015

Continuing in My "Fuck France" Series...Some More Reasons To Hate France

Lots of stuff to catch you up on, about France and of course there will be much more in the days and weeks to come.

The main thing is that there is no Jewish future in France, and the Jews who were the hold outs are finally realizing this. And, when civilizations treat their Jews with evil indifference, and punish them with the death sentence for the crime of wanting to live and breathe as Jews, those societies go down the dustbin-the antisemitic toilet of history very quickly.

I cannot say that I will shed a single tear when this happens to France, and it's not far off. Because despite all the people demonstrating with their fake "Je Suis Charlie" message-which really means "stop the jihad" and "stop immigration from third world shit holes", there is not a great chance of turning back the demographic, multicultural clock now.

I collected a bunch of links over the weekend, and they are not in any particular order.

But if you really want a picture of France, and why I sincerely and honestly don't give a single shit about what happens to France because as far as I am concerned it is an Islamic country with a terrified, secular majority that is doomed.

So, click through these links. I only hope that the Jews get out fast enough.

In the summer of 2014, the streets of France filled with screeching jihadist lunatics saying "kill the Jews". A few months later-lo and behold, voila! Kill the Jews. 

Surviving Charlie Hedbo staff says "As bloody as it's been, it's not a war."

France deploys 10,000 troops to protect Jews, mostly Jewish schoolchildren. Hey: fellow Jews, if you need an army to protect your children in school, you better damn well consider the IDF as a better alternative than the French army. Just saying.

When it was "just" Jews being slaughtered, the French were totally cool with that. Now that non-Jews are also being butchered, it's turned into a 'French' problem.

So the French motto is (fake) solidarity with journalists but not with Jews.

The French leadership in particular can totally and utterly fuck itself.

They invited the arch terrorist Abbas to demonstrate against terror-what a crock of lies, filthy lies, and wanted to shove Israeli PM Netanyahu to the back of the bus. Screw them. The French leadership could not hide its disgust for the Jewish leader of the Jewish state.

France in a nutshell: Eiffel tower goes dark, Jewish stores ordered closed, Jews huddled in freezers, the Grand Synagogue closed but the Grand Mosque remains open.