Sunday, January 4, 2015

David Cameron: Idiot

First of all, to brag about such a low class thing is idiotic. 

Secondly, it is delusional to think that US-UK relations are so totally, like awesome, LIKE OKAY 'BRO'?!?!?

How about the Churchill bust-where is that exactly? Collecting dust with the NTSC movie collection?

What a fool. 

The problem is that these men have no shame, and are therefore unable to understand how absolutely pathetic and castrated they actually are. These are eunuch "leaders", "leading" us against a civilizational battle against evil. Their pathetic leadership is why we are failing and it makes me sick.

These are not the kind of men that ought to be leading the free world. It's appalling.

There are no adults, aside from Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu, leading the free world.