Wednesday, January 14, 2015

European Judenhass Roundup

Some articles and thoughts for your consideration.

"The US should open immigration to European Jews."


The Obama administration is loathsome and antisemitic, so good luck with that.

Europe really sucks, especially France and you know-there are Muslims who want freedom, there are Palestinians who want freedom, but Europe is so mesmerized and afraid of the jihad that those desires will be ignored, and the jihad will continue to be accommodated.

Read this: An Open Letter to the French President From A Palestinian Journalist in Ramallah (With No Voice).

A prominent European Rabbi has called upon the EU to allow Jews to carry guns in Europe. 


Meanwhile, in the formerly "Great" Britain:

"Britain's Jews Fear They Have No Future In Europe"

They don't!

Might as well admit it and start planning your exit.

Meanwhile, the lying liars of the Huffington Post insist that the existential threat to Jews in Europe comes from the Christian right.