Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn on the Media Enuchs and the Gutless West

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn are two Canadian men who actually have balls.

Kathy put up this excellent summary post at PJ Media. 

Ezra's presentation is really great.

"Some journalists were acting really butch..." (HAHAHAHHAHAAHA!)

Here's what Ezra says so pay attention: 

"When these people hold up signs reading, “Behead those who insult Islam,” or when they issue fatwas saying kill Salman Rushdie or the cartoonists, it’s not just for show. They actually mean it and, in this case, they’ll do it almost nine years after Charlie Hebdo published the Danish cartoons.


"All these people putting “Je Suis Charlie“ on their Twitter avatar; you cowards! That’s not defying anybody. Put the picture of the cartoon in your avatar. That’s courage. Not a lot of courage, but baby steps. “Je Suis Charlie”? No you’re not, actually, because Charlie Hebdo published the cartoons, and Charlie Hebdo got killed.

That's why this is pretty rich, given that Blatch, not so long ago wanted Ezra to be a little nicer about stuff.

And then there is TEH STEYN!

TEH STEYN talks about The Fire Raging On 

This is good stuff not just because Steyn cites me and also Draidlebaum (*waves to Steyn*), because that's really TOTALLY awesome and you know, makes the day of suburban, hatemonger, crazyrightwingzionist Jew mamma and whatnot...SORRY DISTRACTED WHAT WERE WE TALKING ABOUT?!?!

Ah, of course-Steyn: 

"The weepy passive candlelight vigils - the maudlin faux tears and the Smug Moral Preening overdose - aren't enough. If you don't want to put out the fire, it will burn your world to the ground."

Watch Mark Steyn with Megyn Kelly on how we dishonour the dead in the guise of honouring them.

He calls for the pansified western media to man up and disperse the risk (bon chance with that, mes amis). He says: the savages walk the walk, the eunuchs talk the talk. We just have to listen to what they say. As both Levant and Steyn note-they are very clear about it.