Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Have You Read the Constitution: Detained for 19 Days, Immigration Checkpoint Refusal Gone Wrong


Absolutely disgraceful.

"Rosenberg immigrated to America 10 years ago from Armenia. Memories and family stories of Soviet rule in his country of origin infused him with strong political beliefs and a reverence for individual rights."

"Back then [in Soviet-controlled Armenia], if you complained about the government, they took you to Siberia," says Rosenberg."

In America, you can end up dead for little more than asserting your right not to answer a question. I must say, I alternate between admiring his bravery and wondering if I would have just quietly gone along with the whole charade, so as not to END UP DEAD OR IN PRISON.

When you stand up for your legal rights, you can quite easily end up dead. And what good can you do if you are dead? On the other hand, if everyone just shuffles along like acquiescent sheeple, then nothing will change and the tyranny grows. 

The guns of Americans are pointed at the citizenry at so many places and at so many stations.

The officials with the guns have a vast sense of empowerment and entitlement and do not actually know the law, or they are just plain making stuff up.

It's dangerous, and this is a really horrible example of lawlessness. 

(Frankly, this Greg guy is a naturalized badass. Nice looking also,  and for real and not for joking, not that many men nowadays could get away with the black shirt, with the undone little bit and the chest hair poking out, the whole swarthy thing...but he needs a little eyebrow shaping...Yes, I know that's shallow, but it's my blog so tough noogies!)