Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Islam Is A Tarnished Brand in The West"

Yes, I'd have to agree. 

He also has some ideas about what can be done. Note these are suggestions that Muslims have to do-for themselves and amongst themselves. No external fixes.

He's more optimistic than I am.

"Islam must learn to laugh at itself. We will continue to mock Mohammed. Terrorism will only bring ridicule and contempt; Muslims must instead learn to deal with a bit of ribbing, as every other faith and nationality on the planet has to. It can no longer be acceptable to respond to words, thoughts, or artwork with violence. Islamic countries must imprison those who break this law, not tacitly endorse them and provide them with hiding places.

"The endemic anti-semitism of so many Islamic communities must be admitted and rooted out, and the fairy-tale victimhood narrative of Islamophobia dispensed with. Anti-semitism remains the great bigotry of our species, and nowhere is it more deeply entrenched or more poisonous than in Muslim countries and diasporas. Islamic fundamentalists are obsessed with Jews–specifically, with killing them. Muslim leaders must speak out in the latter’s defence."

"Finally, Muslims must agree to obey the laws of the countries in which they live. A British Muslim who would rather live under sharia law is welcome to do so elsewhere, but he should not lobby for it to be an option here. There is no space in our society for those who would segregate themselves or treat others as second-class citizens in any regard."

"In the west, brand Islam is in trouble. Its minarets and peculiarly cloaked women have become a repugnant sight even to non-bigoted people. But its present crisis is not necessarily terminal, though every one of the above conditions will have to be met if it is to engage satisfactorily with the West and–let’s not beat about the bush–if we are to avoid a third great world war triggered by terrorism."