Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meoti: Europe's Veil of Fright and Submission

"Today in Europe there are cartoonists, writers and journalists threatened with death and who need a level of personal protection unconceivable [sic] even in Israel. I met dozens of them, from Amsterdam to Copenaghen. They are heroes of intellectual freedom. These journalists must watch themselves and take precautions. Because writing articles critical of Islam or openly pro Israel make them a target for assassination attempts and intimidation campaigns."

"After Charlie Hebdo's attack, I sent a message to my friend Robert Redeker, the French professor of philosophy threatened with death for an article in Le Figaro newspaper. Since then, he is hiding. He wrote a preface to one of my books on Israel."

"Robert didn't reply to me."

"In that silence there is all of Europe's veil of fright and submission"
"Nobody wants to be a martyr"

"That is why I fear being a pro Israel and a free writer today in Europe."

"It might be better to change my profession. But would they really stop if one changes one's self?"