Thursday, January 15, 2015

Must Watch Geert Wilders: "Enough Is Enough"

He is so brave.

Astonishing bravery.

In this address to cabinet he asks 'why'?

Why do we import this misery? Basically Wilders has come to the conclusion that Islam simply does not belong in the Netherlands. He asks how stupid "we" can be.

It's a very stark warning to his colleagues, the "leaders" of his nation not to try to say 'how could we have known'. He says enough is enough, and is slightly heartened by the turning of the tide in Europe-that regular people are voicing their opinion that enough is enough.

As I have said before, I believe that all the "Je Suis Charle" protestors were actually demonstrating against jihad, but were too scared to say so. It's like this big secret, that they would be "safe" ostensibly defending 'free speech', but the deep, dark secret was that they were perfectly regular people demonstrating in a perfectly reasonable manner against the barbarism of jihad in their midst.

So in a way-they were 'doing something' which I suppose is a first step. The mobilization of that many people does indeed mean something.

He also asks why not just let those terrorists out of the country and close the freaking doors? Strip them of their citizenship and cancel the passports. Why on earth should they NOT be let out, to never again be let in. The policy makers, politicians and security "experts" who enable them to come back are our collective gravediggers assistants. 

The next step is to listen to the unsaid, subtext of those demonstrators and translate it into policy change and forcing the elites to listen and act. That may take a while, but I also believe it is happening slowly.