Friday, January 9, 2015

Seriously, Fuck You, France

Who else do I speak for when I say FUCK YOU, FRANCE.

France thought that if it was "just" the Jews being murdered, that was somehow tolerable.

Today, we see again how that has panned out for La Republic.

The lights are out on the Eiffel Tower and the Jewish quarter is closed "for your own protection". 

"15:28 - Jewish stores in Marais asked to close up as a precaution"

"Paris police have asked Jewish stores in the historic Marais area of Paris to close up as a precaution following the incident at a Jewish store in the east of the city. Jewish stores would normally close early on a Friday, given that  the Sabbath starts on a Friday evening. But we are also hearing that Jewish stores across the city are closing up as a precaution."

Dhimmi cowardice and surrender is the new "protection". 

How about closing La Republic to jihad instead?

NAH! Why would they do that?

France is Dar Al Islam. 

There ought to be a mass aliyah plan taking shape right now in the Prime Minister's Office in Israel. I mean it.

And by the way, when I say I've had it, I mean I have really had it.

Fuck this shit as well. 

Scaramouche has this one covered.

Mark Steyn says "Screw Your Hashtag Solidarity", and I'll see that "Screw You" and raise it to a FUCK YOU, FRANCE once again.





Will get much more Steyn to you later because he has some awesome stuff up that you need to read and listen to-stuff that will make this gloomy, shitty, terrorism-filled week a little brighter. 

And seriously: fuck everyone who is saying 'the pen is mightier than the sword' because that's bullshit. 

The pen clearly is NOT stronger than the sword. 

The pens of the world are limp and flaccid and pathetic.

Firepower is stronger than the pen.

Air forces, soldiers, tanks and guns are stronger than the pen.

Superior firepower, superior intelligence, having no fear, and nothing less than a complete commitment to the preservation of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization and democracy are the only things that will save us from ourselves at this point.

Look around you: all over the "free" world, people are not even brave enough to draw or publish a cartoon to save their civilization-they think that will save their sorry, dhimmi asses.

My recommendation is to stick with superior firepower and a commitment to freedom.