Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Steyn: Allahu Hackbar!

Mark Steyn correctly predicts that the strategy for dealing with Islamic jihad violent extremism in the wake of the Paris attacks. You know, the attacks carried out by "men" of no particular type, shape, origin, religion or creed, those ones?

The global strategy will be to bury it. 

First the elites will bury the problem in paper work, summits, conferences and more supine accommodation of evil.

And that, my pretty infidel friends, will make it much easier to bury us.

And by us, I don't mean just "us" Jews.

We're all in this together, my little kufar companions. 

Our "leaders" are, quite literally, digging our graves with their stubborn, cowardly obfuscations.


"..in lieu of addressing the ideological challenge, they're offering us a security solution: oh, sure, occasionally someone will get through and there'll be some dead journalists or Jews or coffee-shop patrons or soldiers strolling through London streets, but they won't get through that often - because of our superior technology and intelligence gathering and surveillance techniques."

"So to honor the memory of all those cartoonists who died for free speech they're going to police free speech ever more rigorously."

"This is already a culture in which a Yorkshireman can be arrested for posting a video of him dumping a Koran in the toilet, and in which the useless totalitarian twerps of the Scottish Police openly threaten the citizenry that they're under constant surveillance. What's more likely under the new security regime? That they'll be cracking down on ISIS recruiters and firebreathing imams? Or just creating makework schemes for Constable McPlod to chastise the multiculturally insensitive."

As I have said on other occasions, as long as the dead were "just" Jews, the French were prepared to sob a few crocodile tears and play it really très triste baby, but just let the No Go Zone of Al France continue indefinitely until the crescent flag officially displaces the red white and blue one.


The massacre of cartoonists and the slaughter of Jews in the market will change nothing except the French/Western civilizational strategy of ignoring the problem and finding more despicable, expensive and technology-based gobbledeegook explanations to assist in continuing to lie about it and cover it up.