Monday, January 5, 2015

Very Clever Kevin Williamson:"NOW!: The Ultimate, Infantile Rallying Cry of the Petulant Left."

This is a good one.

I want you to read this: NOW!


"Time is running out to do something stupid and irreversible. Act now!"

Now,” especially when followed by an exclamation point, or written in all capital letters, or both — Now! — is the least conservative word in the English language."

Now!” is the compact variation on “the time for debate is over,” which, as Jonah Goldberg points out, it always is when a Democrat is losing the argument. But it’s the same time when the Left is winning the argument, too. Professor Krugman of the Times is arguably the most influential public intellectual of the Obama era, but when he addresses hoi polloi, his rhetorical style is pure Ph.D., where those three letters denote “pretty heavy diapers.” End This Depression Now! was the title of his communiqué to the general public. Neither his doctoral thesis nor his Nobel lecture contained an exclamation point in its title."