Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson: Glorified Bastards

"For Western elites, Ahmadinejad is preferable to Hirsi Ali, the Castros to Cuban dissidents."

An excellent essay from VDH, do read the whole thing. 

"Too many Western journalists, academics, and politicians focus exclusively on the sins of the West, whether out of a sincere belief that Western civilization is toxic, or for a variety of largely self-serving careerist or psychological reasons.

"The result is that many of our elites have a natural sympathy for those abroad who share their own suspicions about the U.S. — even if that means they must turn a blind eye on these anti-Western regimes’ thoroughly illiberal treatment of women, gays, and religious and ethnic minorities. In contrast, those abroad who seek to emulate Western tolerance are looked upon as somehow illegitimate or inauthentic — or at least ignorant about what is so wrong about Western civilization."

"Glorifying anti-Western bastards abroad seem to reinforce anti-Western critics at home."

"This Western neurosis has real-life consequences."