Friday, June 12, 2015

A New Conservative Holiday!

If you haven't seen this story, then you kind of haven't lived yet today...

I really, really think that today needs to be some kind of official or unofficial new, conservative holiday-National Leftist Mental Contortion Day.

It's just so awesome, and I totally cannot wait for the Vanity Fair cover. 

I cannot decide what is the most delicious part of this story. 

Could it be her marching, and singing "we shall overcome"?

The fake hate crimes?

I wonder if she had been less starved for attention via "leadership" positions and "hate crimes" if she would have been exposed. Is this just another case of hubris? Mental illness?

And why are white people stealing black jobs?!?!

The best part so far though is watching leftists explain why you can "change genders" but not race.

So, gender is fluid but race is fixed?

The other instructive thing about this episode is it shows the mental-pretzel "reasoning" and pecking order of grievance/victim culture.

It used to be that black was at the top of the pyramid. Well, that is ancient history, baby!

It seems that "trans" is at the top of the "safe space" pyramid now and I don't think Muslims will be very happy about that, nor will they be very willing to share the top of the grievance/victim culture/"safe space" pyramid with the "trans".

So this story is totally delicious and indicative of how totally screwed Western civilization is at this juncture.

The only real questions remaining is the hair. I know several people (Jews) who have told me that their straight (Caucasian) hair went total JEWFRO after they, well, know...birds and the bees, etc....

But this chick's 'fro is very kinky and tight. That is some kind of muthafarkin perm...


Nothing can be hidden from one's hairdresser (or dental hygienist for that matter, they have secret powers).

That is all.


Anyone notice it's almost always the mother who pulls this crazy sh&t? It's never the father. Never. 

It's usually the mother, or two moms, and mostly single moms.

Anyone talking about that?