Friday, June 26, 2015

The Left and the Destruction of the Family

A friend sent me this article on antisemitism in Russia, and it's a good segue to some thoughts I had about the left last week, but forgot to mention.

My husband and I were watching two Israeli TV shows. One of them is called "Avudim" and it's hosted by Israeli journalist Tzipi Grant. It's modeled on a show that I think might be British in origin called "Find My Family". Basically people write in to the show with the stories of their 'lost' or disappeared relatives, and they try to find them. The stories are incredibly compelling and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

I wish they would put sub-titles on the Israeli version because it's really well done, and the stories are so gripping.

Anyway, last week, she dealt with two similar stories. Two young women who came to Israel as children from the former Soviet Union with their mothers-no father. Their fathers had both abandoned them in the FSU for different reasons. Both wanted so desperately to find out what happened. The stories were very sad, but even more pathetically awful was the story of one of the young women, whose mother was basically a heavy drinker who was charmed by the Casanova father who urged her to get pregnant and then left her while pregnant.

The mother admitted that she knew her boyfriend was married, and that it's very common in Russia to have women sleep with multiple men, with no marriages, lots of cheating, and there is a Russian equivalent to "gigolo" that thrives on living off of emotionally unstable and desperate women. Just bloody awful.  What's uncommon is marriage, waiting for marriage to have children and staying married. And many of these broken women with their broken children came to Israel to start a new life.

The other heartbreaking thing was that the granny-she also had no man in her life. Her own father had been hauled away by Stalin's secret police and murdered. Then, her husband left her to raise their daughter alone. Inter-generational suffering. How to ever break the chain?

The second show we watched was the most glorious Trinny & Susannnah in Israel. I love those babes.

The two women being made over were from a kibbutz. Anyway, to make a long story longer both women were completely emotionally damaged from having been raised "collectively" on the kibbutz, away from their parents every night. They longed for their parents, wept for them at night. The damage was lasting and one woman, in turn, refused to do the same to her children (most kibbutzim have no "children's house" anymore) and she has a totally damaged relationship with her mother. The granny is trying to make up for lost time and love by spoiling and doting on the grandchildren. The other woman was unmarried at forty-something and had been sexually harassed (she was reluctant to speak further about it, but it seemed like there could have been assault as well) by her peers on the kibbutz for decades.

I thought to myself-this is it, this is exactly the kind of nuclear-scale damage to families that the left has planned for us and wrought. Everything the left touches turns into garbage. Their human experiments screw with human nature and create generations of emotionally distraught and damaged humans and now we see the newest phases of their evil experimentation on humans (gay marriage, transhad, etc..).

It's a fail proof recipe for human misery.

That's why I resist it all, and you must as well.