Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why Does the Toronto District School Board Hate Disabled Children?

Why do these pieces of human excrement disguised as "educators" CHOOSE to make disabled lives more difficult and more painful? 


This is totally disgraceful.

"As I walked Priya to class at 10:30am I saw her  teacher in the hallway holding her cupcake. I asked her: ‘is this the right time for you now?’ ‘Yup. 10:30.’ she said"

"I told her that this was not personal but this act that the school took to not allow this autistic child to attend graduation was a disgrace to my profession."

"I told her that what happened today was sad because our world is suffering from discrimination and the only difference of what happened today and in South Carolina is that people died as a result. I said I would write about this because really that’s all I can do."

"All I can do is spread the word so we grow and learn from this. She looked at me as she finished her cupcake and waved her hand in my face: ‘You know what? You do whatcha gotta do."

Please spread the word.