Friday, June 26, 2015

The UK Is Screwed: British Mutawa Edition

The constabulary of the formerly "Great" Britain has evolved into the taxpayer funded sharia mutawa. 

"A secondary school, where pupils are mainly Muslim, has called in police to investigate a ‘hate crime’ due to a Facebook posting criticising women publicly wearing Islamic veils."

"A photo of three women in niqabs with the message ‘share if you find this offensive’ was seen on the Facebook page of a member of the school’s support staff and reported."

So, like a good, supine, disgusting dhimmi, the head teacher calls in the Sharia Enforcers.

"Headteacher Jen McIntosh immediately informed the police, who confirmed they are now making inquiries about the incident."

The Head Dhimmi then makes a public declaration in order to further appease the exquisitely sensitive.

"The head described the post as ‘tasteless and offensive,’ adding that the ‘appalling’ incident didn’t represent the ‘thoughts, feelings and actions’ of the school and its staff."

This is a disgusting display of gutlessness and amoral grovelling.