Monday, June 15, 2015

The "Right to Die" Movement

Culture of death update. 

The "right to die" is a creepy, death-cult movement.

Can there be any doubt that the "right to die" will in fact evolve very quickly into the "obligation" to die movement?

This whole article is tragic. Absolutely tragic, and this section is the stuff of nightmares.

When one goes to a physician, it seems nowadays that it would be prudent to ask if he or she still subscribes to the Hippocratic oath. Does your doctor believe in 'first do no harm'?

"The laws seem to have created a new conception of suicide as a medical treatment, stripped of its tragic dimensions."

"Patrick Wyffels, a Belgian family doctor, told me that the process of performing euthanasia, which he does eight to ten times a year, is “very magical.”

"But he sometimes worries about how his own values might influence a patient’s decision to die or to live."

"“Depending on communication techniques, I might lead a patient one way or the other,” he said.

"In the days before and after the procedure, he finds it difficult to sleep."

"“You spend seven years studying to be a doctor, and all they do is teach you how to get people well—and then you do the opposite,” he told me.

I am afraid of the power that I have in that moment.”