Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, Explains American Democratic Racism Sloooooooooowly

This is a corker of an interview, and Steyn is in fighting form.

First, the blog post:

"All-Time World Champions in Institutionalized Racism" is clear and excellent, which is precisely why it will be ignored by the left. There will be no soul-searching or apologies, not ever.

The video from Steyn's interview with Hannity is here.

You should watch the whole thing because Mark's suit is really nice, and the shirt and tie combination is particularly WINNING.

WHOOPS! I mean, you should watch the whole thing because it spells out very clearly who the stinkers are in this issue, and I also like that Steyn calls out the loser, eunuch GOP.

My working theory is that the GOP does not want to win. They are comfortable just hanging out. They have no fight in them whatsoever. The only GOP candidates for leadership that have any fire in their bellies are Ted Cruz, and I am seriously a JOOOOOZ FOR CRUZ, Carly Fiorina (impressed with her, especially lately) and Rubio to a lesser degree (do not like his stance on immigration).

Other than that: losers who enjoy losing.

Steyn explains the racism issue:

"The Anglo-Celts who settled America and elsewhere are not great slavers. No slavery in Canada, or Australia, or New Hampshire. In the anglosphere, slaveholding was an enthusiasm of the southern states of the US, and the biggest institutional supporter of slavery - in the entire English-speaking world - was the Democratic Party. And, after slavery was abolished by Republicans, the Democrats created a century-long apparatus of enforced segregation and anti-miscegenation laws, again unique in the English-speaking world."

However, in my opinion, the most important part of the interview with Hannity is this:

"The Democratic Party has never come to terms with the evil of its past. It was a party committed to the proposition that one human being could own another human being and they've never said a word about that. They've never apologized for it. They've never atoned for it in the way that they have the reconciliation commission in South Africa."

And they will never "come to terms" with that evil for many reasons.

First of all, extreme leftists can never admit to having made a mistake. If they do, the whole house of amoral cards comes falling down. So, the only thing they can do is double down.

As it happens, the most racist people I have ever met (and the most sexist ones as well) are always on the left, politically.

The left will not apologize for having been committed to the concept of "ownership" of human beings because leftists still believe in that idea. It's not in the past for the left, it's a living and breathing ideal. 

They believe they have the G-d like right to decide about human life, when to end it, how other people and when other people should end theirs, what lives have value and what lives are bereft of value and deserving of death and murder ("euthanasia"). They believe they have the right, as the anointed ones, to decide how we raise our children, and how we ought to live.  Thus, the concept of "human ownership" is very much a central pillar of the (rather deranged) leftist mind.

Thus, a committed leftist will never apologize, will never participate in any sort of truth and reconciliation process and whatnot because for the committed leftist,  their moral superiority is infallible, unquestionable and deserved.

Members of the left are very serious indeed about keeping that power forever, and that will not change or ever be truthfully reconciled with Judeo-Christian, Anglospheric morality.