Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Worth One Thousand Words

However, I think my five will suffice:

The United Kingdom Is Screwed.

Meet your friendly, neighbourhood "British" ice cream lady.

That is to say, one must assume she is a lady.

Maybe she's a he? Who knows with that full body bag on.


Anyway, the UK is totally screwed and quaint little British towns are now officially Dar-Al-Islam and breeding grounds for terrorists, and white girls get raped by "Asian" men by the thousands with the blessing of the local dhimmified, culturally sensitive police and local politicians, but at least the curry and kebab are marvelous and we can totally celebrate diversity and "Asian" culture and not be accused of racism and "Islamophobia" and that's the main thing, right?

A woman in a full face veil runs the ice cream van in the Savile Town area in Dewsbury West Yorksire