Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Barbara Kay: Free Speech in Free Fall

I love this woman.

Smart, ballsy, Jew.

And, she has superb taste in free speech warriors. 

*waves to Mark Steyn*

*fluffs hair*

*straightens skirt*

"The Magna Carta, which celebrated its 800th anniversary on Monday, isn’t much to look at: it’s 54 lines of text on a piece of parchment, mostly about property rights and small-beer gripes with the feudal system. But it started a cognitive “rights” revolution, which today represents freedoms of all kinds. Most importantly: the freedom to speak one’s mind without fear of punishment."

"That freedom is now in free fall. (If you don’t believe me, refer to Caitlyn Jenner as “he” on Twitter and wait an hour for the cancellation of your talk at (insert university here).) Like the proverbial frogs in slowly warming water, most of us have learned to censor ourselves on matters trivial (“Still Bruce, I say!”) and momentous (“Yo, what’s up with Islam?”)."

"But happily, some courageous souls just won’t take “you can’t say that” for an answer, even if it gets them uninvited from campus speaking engagements, fired, bankrupted or killed."

Barbara Kay is one of those courageous souls. Ezra Levant is one of those courageous souls, as is Mark Steyn. My assorted blogging buddies are doing the same.

Time for anyone with a shred of liberty-loving blood running through their veins to tell the shut-uppers to shut up. 

They need to be pushed back all the time.

The people you "can't" joke about and "can't" talk about are the people who are quite literally running your life.  They are calling the shots. For G-d's sake is that how you want to live?

If you want more of the bleak, joyless SHUT UP life, please, do just carry on, plodding along with your head down, hoping you don't attract the attention of the Political Correct Safe Space Mutawa.

The cultural and civilizational distance from 'you can't say that' to 'you can't wear that', to "you can't live like that" and "you must wear this" is very short indeed. It happens not in centuries, not in decades, but in very short years and months and weeks.

For heaven's sake, discard your mental prison of the Shut Up life and trade it for the Speak Up life, I besiege you!

Shut Up is no way for a free-born person to live.

The Shut Up life is a disgrace to those who fought and paid for our freedoms with their blood and their lives.

The Shut Up life is a betrayal of the glories of Judeo-Christian society.

The Shut Up life is no way to raise a child. It's a profoundly morally inverse way to raise a child that corrupts the soul.

The Shut Up life is a life of constant and consistent capitulation with the sakes never waning and the encroachment on personal freedom always becoming more onerous and evil. 

The Speak Up life is the first most important first step in reclaiming our freedoms from an ever aggressive, never-resting totalitarian left and its jihadist spiritual and political travel companion.

Their ambitions are as infinite and far-reaching as their unquenchable lust for power.

Are you up for the task at all?

As darkness falls, and you nostalgically reach for the human joys and lights that once shone brightly and indeed effortlessly upon you and your surroundings, only to find there is nothing left to kindle them with, don't say you weren't warned.