Friday, June 26, 2015

About the Latest "Known Wolf" Jihadist Terror Attack in France....

It's like I always say:

What starts with the Jews, never ends with the Jews. 

"Salhi, who was known to have ties to Salafist radicals in France and who was under surveillance for two years from 2006 to 2008, was also involved in an anti-Semitic attack in 2011, according to reports."

"Four years ago, Salhi and another man were reported to have hit a Jewish teenager and to have hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him while travelling on a train from Toulouse to Lyon."

"A year later, the other man who was not named, was given a six-month suspended sentence."

“You Jews with your skullcaps, you think you run the world,” Salhi was reported to have said to the teenager, among other profanities."

"The second assailant then followed the teenager to the train bar, making derogatory remarks about him, his mother, father “and your whole race,” before hitting him in the chest, according to the report."