Friday, June 19, 2015

Miri Regev is Unimpressed With Lefty, Israeli Artists: "Terrible Bores"

Regev rocks.

She is totally unafraid of ruffling lefty arty-farty feathers.

"The world of culture is an ungrateful world," she said in a recorded interview with a women's magazine which was broadcast Friday on radio."

"I say to myself, who am I working for? For a group of ungrateful people who think they know everything, some of them petty bores, hypocrites."

"Artists" in Israel are starting to scream 'dictatorship', 'culture of fear', yadda yadda yadda SNORE ZZZZZZZ.

This is so typical:

"There's starting to be a very uncomfortable atmosphere here, a kind of dictatorship where you can't feel freedom. It's getting to the point where they threaten you if you simply express an opinion," she said, indicating leftist discomfort at limitations against those supporting terror or discriminating against Jewish citizens."

Boy, these lefties can really dish it out but they cannot take it.