Friday, June 19, 2015

Steyn: The Moronization of the Republic

Politics, schmolitics...

The main thing is that I am apparently the last woman in the (allegedly) free world to hear about Mark Steyn's Mann Vs. Steyn nude calendar.?!?!

*goodbye cruel world*

*nice knowing you all*



"I'm not the least "apoplectic with rage at the idea of a boy in a dress". In what passed for a talent show in my last year at high school, me and the lads climbed into the fishnets and mini-skirts to do a truly terrible pop song and, as I generally do even in unpromising circumstances, I gave it my best. Afterwards, the ladies in attendance agreed that my legs were better than any of theirs. And they're still pretty good, as you can see if you pre-order the Mann vs Steyn 2016 nude calendar."




How did I miss THAT on the web site and in the Steyn Store (ordering from which, you can directly support the colossal money/time/spirt/energy suck on Mark Steyn versus Mann

(Or as my youngest says, "h, e, double hockey stick"....HAHAHAHA see what I did there?!?)

Anyway, I'm utterly heartbroken and they are probably all sold out now. 

Anyway, sorry, WHERE WERE WE?!?! Dancing girls, dancing Steyns?!? Bearded, dancing shemales?


So, right, moronization, banana republic, America as the world beacon of freedom and liberty pussified, pansy "safe space" and enforced uniformity?!?!'s coming back to me...

Read the whole thing!


"What "terrified" me and others about Caitlyn and her d├ębutante's balls [Ed. note: OH MAH GAWD I AM DYING HERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!] was the ruthlessly enforced celebratory tone."

"When the Queen marks her Diamond Jubilee or the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby, you're allowed to roll your eyes and say "God, aren't you sick of these bloody royal parasites?" or "Who cares about one more sponger in the palace?" Even "state" media like the BBC and CBC accept that there are a wide range of views on the head of state."

"But if you watched the coverage of Caitlyn on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN et al you would have had no idea that there are people out there for whom this was not cause for joyous celebration. There was something not "terrifying" - not yet - but coercive and authoritarian in the uniformity of the mandatory jubilation."

"Even Fox News seemed to intuit that this was something that they had no choice but to cover in a life-affirming way. I found that disturbing - because, at a stroke, everyone who matters from the Obamas to Hollywood seemed to have decided that this is one more area of discussion it's safe to shut down, permanently. And there's way too much of that."


Celebrate uniformity! 

Pro tip: Simply tell the shut-uppers to shut up. Or just refuse to shut up yourself. Same diff.