Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mark Steyn: "Being In On It, Laura Rosen Cohen Has An Excellent Round Up of the International Shoeish Conspiracy..."

I swear, whoever rat-finked on me to that non-Jewish, Jewish-sounding, philosemitic gentile STEYN guy is gonna get it, and swim with the gefilte fish!!!!

I'm gonna CHANGE THE SEEEKRIT ZOG HANDSHAKE now and the password as well.

(But seriously, I'm funny, funnnnnnnnnnnayyyyyy....)

"Imagine if you're some upcountry imam in Waziristan taking time out from your child bride to catch up with current events via the BBC World Service: The most glamorous woman in America has a penis in her bustier, for which she gets the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. A white lady blacks her face every morning and goes off to her job as president of the local African-American grievance-mongering society."

"The most lucrative public-speaking engagements on the planet are 20-minute million-dollar talks on African diarrhea, and the wife of the man who pockets the check is running for president on her opposition to income inequality and the rapacious one per cent"

"Mightn't that inbred imam, carefully placing his wireless set back underneath the dried goat dung, think we're at least as loopy as Asghar Bukhari?"

"And, indeed, given our respective starting points, descending into madness even faster?"