Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Gutless Jews of JNF Canada Buckle to the Transhad

Thanks to Barbara Kay for writing this. 

I also hadn't heard of the gutlessness and supine position of the JNF until yesterday. 

What can I say? This is absolutely ridiculous and cowardly.

To go from honouring Stephen Harper to cancelling Mike Huckabee in such a short time span is truly revolting.

And look at the miniscule, pansy little flex of LBGT "muscle"that it took for an entire organization to fold. There was not a tidal wave of pressure, but just a few exquisitely sensitive individual activists who completely misrepresented Huckabee's positions.

By the way, the CJN professor who was interviewed also is Mira Shucharov, who is not exactly objective herself. She demonizes "settlers" from her Ivory Tower perch, warns us not to 'make assumptions' about the Ottawa terrorist, spewing typical lefty babble, and claims to be both a Zionist and a Palestinian nationalist. 


The CJN couldn't find any professor that might have had a different view, rather than suggesting that having Huckabee speak would make the community appear to be going crazy right wing?

What a pile of crap.  The CJN and the JNF are a combined steaming pile of dogsqueeze.

Josh Cooper, sorry-you're pathetic.

This is a stinking pile of Jewish cowardice.

Shame on the JNF.