Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Death of America, Manhood, Courage And the West

Do watch Mark Steyn's appearance on Hannity in which he discusses the pitiful and contemptible Obama and his need to be Miss Congeniality. 

The whole interview is great, but I especially loved the parts where he discussed Da Joooooooz.


Because Steyn gets it.

He also is not afraid to say "Jew-hate" and knows that where Jew-hate begins, utter destruction and civilizational decline follows. Obama's hatred of Binyamin Netanyahu is very personal. Netanyahu represents the fighting, warrior Jew who is not prepared to sacrifice the Jewish people. That really, really bothers Obama.

Elsewhere around the intertooobies, even Ice T has noticed the pussification of men.

From the UK, Tony Blair, could you please, seriously and kindly just f&ck off? We really don't need you to "fight" antisemitism. You enable it, you make things worse. Jerkoff.

CNN continues to accuse Pamela Geller of itching to get beheaded. Because nothing really is more desirable to Jews than having their heads cut off by a jihadist terrorist, right? As Pam notes, the fact is ISIS is in North America. When will people stop burying their heads in the sand?

"This is a war, and they seek to impose the sharia."

Some common sense here:

"It is not the job of America to gratuitously incur risk without the absolute certainty that refugees will not endanger our national security. With the unprecedented growth in Muslim immigration and unparalleled generosity of our refugee program over the past decade, there is no downside to exercising more caution as the Middle East continues to erupt in rampant upheaval."

"It’s time to confront a simple reality. The best way to prevent homegrown terror while simultaneously protecting against government overreach into personal privacy is not to blithely import security risks in the first place. There will obviously always be a need for the NSA and FBI to have robust, yet constitutional, tools to combat and preempt terror threats. Yet, to focus on those tools while welcoming the problems of the Middle East through lax immigration is completely dyslexic. But leave it to our politicians to propose the worst solution to any impending problem."