Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Death Worshipper Peter Singer of Princeton University

"All we are left with is his personal taste for death. He will have nothing to do, however, with the idea that a baby’s life is sacred, because—as we have seen—he does not value it above a snail’s. Nor will he have any truck with the idea that a baby’s life is worthy of respect and protection because of the baby’s potentiality. What counts is what the baby is now, not what it might become, and for the moment it lacks self-consciousness. It does not follow from the fact that it will have rights that it has them now."

"If Singer really believed this, could anyone sleep easy in his bed? It is true that in the morning we shall recover self-consciousness, but we are not self-conscious as we snore. If unselfconscious babies can be killed, so can unselfconscious adults, if, that is, we are to be consistent. It will surprise no one by now that Singer is a strong proponent of euthanasia." 

Death, death and more death. 

As the writer of this piece, Anthony Daniels, points out, this is where we're at:

"It was all too predictable that the right to die would be succeeded by the duty to die."