Monday, June 1, 2015

The World According to Me

Life is very busy lately, as it always is, and I have a whole pile of links to share with you.

So, this post is just a bunch of observations, or can be seen as today's update on the world according to me.

From Eurabia:

Funding civilizational suicide.

Why have Western peoples become so suicidal, and so submissive to totalitarianism in such a short time? Why can we not knock some sense into people?

From Belgium: 

A "Belgian" cop, oddly enough-named Mohammad, posts on Facebook that he would like to kill every Jew. 

From the UK: 

Nanny State Bastards.

From China:

All cultures are equal. 

Just a reminder, President Obama ate dog(s). 

In America: 

The American Political Correctness Mutawa targets another victim.  

American feminists are too delicate to read.

Tyrannical American regime has too much time on its hands. This is disgusting.

Some honourable men in America still trying to save men from destruction (good one).

How to get rich in America (an ongoing series)? Start a "non-profit" or "charity" like the Clintons.

Being allied with America is likely to get you killed. In Obama's America, friends have become enemies, enemies have become allies and allies receive the death penalty.

Mark Steyn discusses the trans-formative (hahahaha, see what I did there) effect on society of Big Trans and Big Gay.


The only thing I can possibly add to the conversation is "don't say you weren't warned" (and when I say 'we', I am of course talking about me and all of my assorted "right wing nutcase" friends.

I must also remind you that my definition of a nanosecond is the time it takes for a radical liberal to go from "what could possibly be wrong with that" to "how could we have possibly known".  That is what will happen with polygamy of course. It will be first enacted to appease polygamous Muslims and the trans, gay and pedophile lobbies (non-Judeo Christian moral standards coupled with leftist immaturity really does make strange bed fellows). Then in a decade or so when there are epidemic numbers of suicides and hundreds of thousands of damaged children and adults are swept away in the resulting human carnage of yet another form of sexual "freedom", they will still say 'how could we have possibly known'.

I understand that Muslim polygamists focus on the four wives factor, generally seeking the young, nubile and docile types.

Infidel, Jewish, right-wing food for thought: 

"Would I ever love to have another three mothers-in-law", said no sane, human male ever. Take that as you wish....

From the Palestinians: 

Let's make peace with these charming folks. 

However, (via Melanie Phillips), a little spot of hope from Egypt of all places. 

This Egyptian guy makes me very cautiously optimistic, except of course, where the interviewer was referring to "the Protocols", I mean OY TO THE VEY, EGYPTIANS!!!! GET REAL!