Friday, July 10, 2015

Excellent: Why We Should Recapture The Lost Art of Flirting

This is a truly outstanding essay from Jane McDougall. 

I love the whole thing.

This article made my day.

Jane McDougall-you are my soul sister on this issue.

Thank you for writing this piece.

Flirtatious human banter does make life interesting! It's the only way to live!

It's all about taking a risk, not living life with your head down-it's about feeling alive, and making human connections. Note how she expertly defines flirting, and shows how it's not meant to be seduction, or flattery. Well done!

"Flirting is utterly benign. In its truest practice, it has no self-serving agenda. Flirting is philanthropy on the smallest scale. In essence, it acknowledges the attractive qualities within another person but it does so for the general entertainment and delight of both parties. Think of the Hindi expression namaste that closes out every yoga session. Namaste: I bow to the divine within you. Flirting says: I wink at the divine within you."


"I’ve discovered that a flirt will flirt back with you with aplomb — it’s the best sort of swordplay — but even the deadest of the deadwood welcomes the encounter. "

(I'm dying. I love this!!!) 

"There’s a world of people out there who complain that life is a lacklustre series of errands and dull assignations. They grumble that nothing good ever happens, that their world is shrinking, that people are callous and uncaring. They advocate for keeping your guard up and your head down … and they’re missing all the fun and taking up a lot of room."

"Make these candidates your objective. Flirting is an urban renewal project we can all participate in. At the very soul of flirtation is the conviction that there is something noteworthy — something amazing — about each and every one of us."

This is so true.

How lovely.

I dedicate this to all the "terrible" flirts reading this and smiling, or perhaps chuckling-a little joyful life-affirming, flirty chortle, or perhaps writing an e-mail, or looking around on the subway, on the street, glancing about in a book store, or a fruit store, calmly throwing out a few zingers, humming a few bars, or writing a few well-chosen, strategically flirtatious words to others in far away lands...

You know who you are!

Carpe Diem. Seize the Flirt!