Friday, July 10, 2015

Who You Gonna Believe?

The oily, supine politicians "serving" you (serving you a whole pile of steaming dogsqueeze that is..) or your own lying eyes? 

The great Douglas Murray notes:

"Of course, the problem that the Prime Minister got into on this occasion is the same problem he and all other world leaders get into whenever they adopt the "Islam is a religion of peace" line. What they are perfectly understandably trying to do is to disentangle more than a billion Muslims worldwide (and specifically the tens of millions of Muslims in Western democracies) from the violent jihadists in their religion. At the same time, they -- again understandably -- hope to give the message to their non-Muslim publics that they should not blame Muslims everywhere for the actions of this violent minority."

"This is a laudable aim [Ed. note: actually, it's not] , but it is doomed to failure because members of the public no longer rely on either politicians or the mainstream media as their only sources of information or news. They can perfectly well get on the internet and find things out for themselves, and it is in this growing gulf between what politicians say and what the general public can perfectly easily find out for itself that a real long-term danger could emerge."

Here's what I see in France. 

Do French Jews see what I see?

Do French "leaders" see what I see?

How many more Jewish kids will have to get pulverized or murdered before the community officially declares the end of French Jewry and moves on?

This is not a matter of 'not being intimidated' or 'letting fear win'.

Those are trite platitudes that divert attention away from the existential threat posed by radical Islam in Europe to Jews.

Jews must decide to leave with suitcases, and not in coffins.