Friday, July 10, 2015

Into the Abyss

Good one, via Instapundit. 

"The Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner case has engendered if not a new subject at least a newly publicized and sensationalized one. For an old-timer like myself, transgenderism is reminiscent of the postmodernism that swept the universities several decades ago. Indeed, transgenderism now looks like a more dramatic, audacious, and, it may be, perilous form of postmodernism. Like postmodernism back then, so transgenderism today is moving very far, very fast. Before it goes much further, one might look back upon its predecessor as a cautionary tale, recalling its aspirations but also its tribulations."

"We might wish to take comfort today in the thought that after the initial enthusiasm for transgenderism has subsided, a more wary approach to the real problems of sexual dysfunction may prevail. So some of us once thought in the case of postmodernism. When postmodernism began to lose its novelty about the turn of the century, it looked as if the humanities might revert to type—poetry retrieved from the literary critic, history recalled as narrative, philosophy rediscovered in the classics. But that reprieve was short-lived. If postmodernism is no longer the modish term it once was, it is because its spirit has been so integrated in the culture that it no longer needs affirming or controverting. One can only hope that it won’t require a new abyss, a new de Man, to transcend transgenderism."

I predict there will be many generations of misery and many preventable suicides before this fad reaches its denouement.