Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mark Steyn Paving The Road to My Move to America

If Mark Steyn opens a homophobic bakery and a synagogue in rural Vermont and/or New Hampshire, I'm out of here...

But seriously, can't people just lighten up?

I am a big, actual, you know REAL Jew Jew and I took no offense at that description. New York Jews describe themselves as New York Jews. Even non-Jews from New York sound like Jews. If you're from New York, you're pretty much Jewish even if you're not actually Jewish. So, geeeeez. 

(Also I like seeing "as Laura Rosen Cohen says" in a Steyn essay, that's very nice, like that very much! WINNING!!!) 

I also like this:

"~A couple of years back, when After America came out, I was interviewed by the Great One, Mark Levin, on his radio show. And in the course of our conversation he asked me how the fundamental differences between the two sides in our politics would be resolved. And I gave some long-winded answer disappearing up the back end of some parenthesis to my subordinate clause. And, when I'd finally finished, Mark just cut to the chase and offered me his prescription:
I think one side has to win and one side has to lose."

I wish Obama and his nihilistic, evil minions would lose.