Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Call It A "Deal"?

I will have more thoughts on this later, but why call it a "deal"?

Vienna is the new Munich.  

Where Herzl envisioned the Jewish state, Obama enables it's destruction by the real "neo" Nazis. 

This is America's Peace In Our Time. America is being run by a very evil man, who is enabling a genocidal, Shia, totalitarian, Jew-hating regime to have nuclear weapons.

Everything coming out of this administration's mouth is a lie.

I don't believe a single word that Obama and his feckless, evil negotiators say. You know who I believe? THE IRANIANS.

If you want to understand this "deal", which is really a capitulation, read what the mullahs are saying. 

Rouhani: "Warmongering Zionists failed to thwart us." 

Thanks, Obama.