Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Link Dump...Otherwise Known As the World According To Me

I am really, really busy, folks so I'm giving you a link dump of stuff I've saved up over the past day or so.

Due to time constraints, my comments on these pieces will be relatively limited, but they are all gems, hand-picked by yours truly so you know they are good ones.


Bombardier CEO Dr. Lutz Bertling basically tells BDS to screw off. Nice!

"Requests to boycott Israel are a form of blackmail, and we will never agree to that."

Meanwhile in the formerly Great Britain: 

Extremism and censorship in the UK. Shorter version of article explaining the status quote in the UK: Islam is extreme, dhimmis must be censored.  

A Rotherham "Asian" (read: Pakistani Muslim) sex abuse survivor speaks out.  

(This is the real "War on Women", feminists. You're welcome!

Some balls have been spotted in the UK, this is pretty gutsy. 

Palestinian reiterates Palestinians never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. 

From Reason: How Hilary Clinton armed terrorists. Utterly depressing "news" about a wretched, evil woman with no moral conscience and too much power.

Also in America: Obama's shameful (but alas, he has no shame) exploitation of Charleston murders.

Celebrate diversity in America, or else: 

A very good article about Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker.

I remember reading another article about her a few months ago, where she talked about abortion, and not having kids-the emotional devastation. If I can find it, I'll post it as an addendum to this article.

Here is a great episode of her with Joan Rivers on the late River's Internet show which is worth your time-from In Bed With Joan.

Common sense! Not so common! Is it just me, or do Patti and I sound a lot alike?

This article from Gatestone is also very well done, and emphasizes a point that Mark Steyn has made repeatedly about knowledge transfer and accumulation in the Arab world.

The writer asks who is responsible for atrocities in the Muslim world?

Read the whole thing, but this nugget in particular is well-said:

"Another popular target of blame for the failures in the Muslim world is historical British colonialism."

"If colonialism were the main problem, however, Muslims, too, were, and still are, colonizers -- and not particularly "humanitarian" ones, at that. The Muslim colonizers do not even seem to have contributed much to the culture of the places they invaded and colonized. In fact, they have actually delayed the progress of the areas they colonized. The printing press, for instance, came to the Ottoman territories almost 200 years later than to Europe."

"Books... undermine the power of those who control oral knowledge, since they make that knowledge readily available to anyone who can master literacy," wrote Professor Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson.

"This threatened to undermine the existing status quo, where knowledge was controlled by elites. The Ottoman sultans and religious establishment feared the creative destruction that would result. Their solution was to forbid printing." 


News you can use about JOOOOOOZ, or should I say SHOES?!?!?

Why do Jews toast "L'Chaim", to life,  when they drink?