Friday, February 14, 2014

Quite Excellent: Jonah Goldberg, "From Russia With Euphemisms"

Really worth reading.

Important to remember that KGB Vlad remains KGB Vlad.

"If it is conventional wisdom that the Nazi Holocaust was worse than the Soviet Terror, you would at least think earning the silver in the Devil’s Olympics would earn something more than feckless wordsmithery and smug eye-rolling from journalists and intellectuals."

"Imagine if instead of Sochi these games were in Germany, and suppose the organizers floated out the swastika while NBC talked of the “pivotal experiment” of Nazism. Imagine the controversy."

"But when the hammer and sickle float by, there’s no outrage. There is only the evil of banality."

That is an outstanding turn of phrase from Mr. Goldberg. Really well done and of course, so true.