Thursday, February 20, 2014

OMG: Apparently I Am The Last Woman In North America To Hear About Mark Steyn's Upcoming Pole Dancing Gig in Ottawa!?!?

Goodbye cruel world!!

*flings self off melting ice caps, into declining/extinct polar bear waters, grasping fair-trade coffee, chanting GAIA I'm coming hoooommmmme*

(If you listen to the interview, you'll get the joke.)


Jokesies aside, he's actually going to be at the Manning Conference next weekend. 

Really good stuff in this interview.

He talks about the "abomination" known as "creeping, totalitarian multiculturalism".

Listen to the whole thing! 

And really, if you are anywhere in the general vicinity of Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal or even upstate NY, it's worth the drive to see Steyn live.

And when I say worth it, what I mean is that Steyn live is a strange and unique combination of vacillating from mild-mannered nodding in agreement, to gut-splitting laughter (almost to the point of peeing in one's pants) to feeling astonishingly angry and oddly inspired at the same time.